Most beautiful book in Norway 2023

On the 14th of February, the winners of Norway's most beautiful book biennial awards were announced. We are absolutely delighted to share that three of the 24 books awarded have been crafted at Livonia Print.

This is the first year when Norway's most beautiful books are chosen based on design excellence and production quality standards, and the genre limitations are dropped. In total more than 200 books were submitted for the awards this year, and they were evaluated based on the year of publication - The most beautiful book of 2023 and The most beautiful book of 2024. You can view the complete list of awarded books here:

These three award-winning books were produced at Livonia Print:

Goya og Munch, publisher: Oslo kommune Munchmuseet

Detox - Clean it up!, publisher: Taideyliopisto

Her här her, Spacegirls, publisher: Another Space

It's gratifying to know that all the hard work our team invests in helping such demanding books become a reality is highly appreciated by both industry experts, readers and authors alike. 

As Øystein Arbo, the designer of one of the winning books Goya og Munch, notes: "The Goya book has won in the competition for Norway's most beautiful book award. Congratulations and many thanks for your outstanding work!"

"A thousand thanks for the excellent work done" - these words of gratitude from Her här her's designer, Marte Meling Enoksen, mean a great deal to us.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who was involved in the creation of these books! We are looking forward to more beautiful and sustainable books to come in the coming years.

©Årets vakreste bøker 2023 og 2024 (foto Jørn Aagaard)