The majority of our books travel to different countries in Europe. Almost daily dispatch to Northern Europe. For more information and delivery times for specific destinations please check with your contact person. 

Please always inform your contact person if we need to book a lorry with a backlift (tail lift) for your delivery!

Packing options and labels:

Loose on pallets – EUR-pallets (1200x800 mm) are standard, but it is possible to order other types of pallets.

If we don’t receive special pallet labelling instructions, each pallet is labelled with following information: pallet number, customer, receiver, delivery address, our order number, job title, ISBN number, total quantity on the pallet, number of packages and quantity in each package (if packed in packages), NET weight, GROSS weight, date.

In boxes – boxes are preordered according to the estimated size and weight of the book. Please inform your contact person if double-wall boxes are necessary.

Unless requested otherwise, each box is labelled with the following information: Customer, job title, ISBN number, quantity per box, our order number.

Shrink wrap – individually or in sets. The maximum height of a set is 18 cm, but the quality of the appearance of very large packages may be affected, depending on the weight of the books.

We suggest not to shrink wrap books with jackets in sets (more than 1), the jacket may get damaged.

Packing with banderoles – usually with 1 or 2 banderols, paper or plastic. Maximum height 20 cm.