Privacy policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy in personal data processing is to provide the physical person (the data subject) the information about the purpose of data processing (why?), its scope (how much and what?), data protection (how) and the duration of the processing (how long?). The information collected, processed and stored by SIA «Livonia Print» is limited to professional information. The company does not collect, process and store any sensitive personal data.

1. Personal Data Controller and Contact Information

The personal data controller is the limited liability company «Livonia Print», unified registration No. 40003827729, registered address: Riga, Jurkalnes iela 15/25, LV-1046.

You may receive more information about this Privacy Policy and personal data processing by writing to or in person at the registered address of the company.

SIA «Livonia Print» is the owner and manager of the website The company is committed to protect the privacy of the personal data at its disposal, as well as to process and collect only legitimately collected data that is necessary to ensure the operation of the company and the compliance with the requirements of the laws and regulations.  By visiting and using the website, the users agree to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, including the cookie policy.

2. Scope of the Privacy Policy

Personal data is any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

The Privacy Policy ensures the protection of privacy and personal data and is applicable to:

  • physical persons - (any potential, former and existing) contact persons representing the clients of the company, cooperation partners, external service providers, who receive or provide to the company any such information that may contain personal data;
  • company’s employees (including potential, former and existing employees);
  • visitors of the company’s office and production facilities;
  • visitors of the company’s website.

The Privacy Policy is applicable to the personal data processing regardless of the form/environment in which the information is provided (by telephone, electronically, on paper) and how it is processed (internal system, on paper).

Personal data processing shall mean all activities relating to personal data. Any activity involving personal data is considered processing, regardless of whether it is automated or not. Examples of regular processing are acquisition, registration, organization, structuring, storage, processing, transfer and deletion of data.

3. Personal Data Collection and Use

Personal data is collected only when the physical person voluntarily provides any such information:

  • the personal data processing of clients and cooperation partners is further governed by cooperation agreements.
  • employee personal data processing is carried out in line with the Labour Law of the Republic of Latvia, Labour Protection Law and other binding normative documents applicable in matters of labour relations in the Republic of Latvia, as well as the internal company documents, orders and instructions.
  • information about the visitors of the website may be obtained indirectly by obtaining information by use of cookies. Cookies as files that the web browser stores on the user’s computer or mobile device. This also allows the websites to store individual user preferences. Cookies can be considered a way the website collects information that allows it to recognize the user and respond appropriately. The information associated with cookies is not used to identify the visitors of the website Every person has the opportunity to prohibit the internet browser to use cookies, which will not prevent you from using the website but may limit some functions of the In addition, the servers will record the internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, language settings, operating system, internet service provider (IPS) time stamp and the duration of the visit of the sections of the website. This information is collected and used only to ensure convenient and secure operation of the website.

4. Purposes and Legal Grounds of Personal Data Processing

Pursuant to Personal Data Protection Law and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and pursuant to other applicable regulatory enactments, in performing personal data processing the company ensures compliance with the principles of good practice in all stages of personal data processing.

SIA «Livonia Print» processes personal data for the following purposes: preparation and conclusion of contracts; communication; production implementation, planning and analysis and other purposes related to its business activities that may vary depending on the company’s business aims and objectives.

The legal grounds for personal data processing by SIA «Livonia Print» is:

  • conclusion and performance of a contract (for example, to conclude an employment contract or cooperation agreement and to ensure the performance thereof);
  • enforcement of laws and regulations and compliance with the obligations set out in binding external regulatory enactments;
  • consent of the data subject;
  • legitimate interests to perform the existing obligations (for example, to carry out business activity, verify the identity of a physical person before the conclusion of the contract, ensure contract performance, prevent undue financial risks to the company’s commercial activity).

5. Video Surveillance on Companys Premises

The purpose of video surveillance is the prevention or identification of criminal offences, the protection of the legal interests of the controller and the protection of vitally important interests of a person, including the protection of life and health. Video surveillance is carried out in accordance with the instructions and orders of SIA «Livonia Print».

Individuals are notified about the video surveillance on the company is premises by informative labels containing additional information about the purpose of the video surveillance, legal grounds, data controller and its address, the responsible data protection officer and data recipients.

6. Information System and Data Security – technical and organizational measures

The internal security policy of SIA «Livonia Print» ensures such information technology environment to secure the information and technological resources of the company against any external and internal security risks and, at the same time, to ensure continuous and high quality operation of the company pursuant to the functions laid down in the regulations. The company applies modern technological capabilities in line with the existing privacy risks and the organisational, financial and technical resources reasonably available to the company, including by using the following safety measures:

  • data encryption, data transmission (SSL encryption);
  • firewall;
  • intrusion protection and detection programs;
  • other protection measures in line with the state-of-the-art technical capabilities.

Personal data that is processed in paper format is stored in the company’s offices in locked rooms or offices. Access is provided only to authorised persons.

Personal data is electronically stored on secure servers and computers monitored by the responsible employees of the company.

7. Personal Data Storage Period

The company stores personal data only as long as is necessary to ensure the described purposes of personal data processing or pursuant to the legislative requirements, to the extent necessary:

  • during the validity of the concluded contract;
  • while the company or a physical person may implement their legitimate interests pursuant to the external laws and regulations;
  • as long as any of the parties has a legal obligation to store personal data;
  • as long as the consent of the physical person to the relevant processing of personal data is valid, unless there are other legitimate grounds for personal data processing.

8. Access to Personal Data

SIA «Livonia Print» shall not disclose to third parties any personal data or any information acquired as a result of the performance of any cooperation contracts, except:

  • where the data must be transferred to the third party under the concluded contract to perform any contractual or statutory functions;
  • pursuant to a clear and unambiguous consent of the physical person;
  • to parties pursuant to external regulatory enactments, upon their reasonable request, according to the procedure and scope described therein;
  • in the cases prescribed by external regulatory enactments to protect the legitimate interests of the company.

Physical persons are entitled to access their personal data by sending a request for the provision of information to SIA «Livonia Print» by writing to or in person at the registered address of the company. The request will be considered pursuant to the procedure laid down in the laws and regulations.

Upon request, the personal data may be supplemented or corrected, the processing may be suspended or the data may be destroyed if the relevant personal data is incomplete, outdated, untrue, unlawfully processed or are no longer required for the purposes of the processing.

The company ensures the execution of data processing and protection requests pursuant to the laws and regulations and in the event of objections shall take reasonable actions to resolve the issue. However, if it is not possible, physical persons are entitled to turn to the supervisory authority - Data State Inspectorate.

9. Changes of the Privacy Policy

SIA «Livonia Print» reserves the right to unilaterally change or supplement the Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice. The applicable version of the Privacy Policy is available on the website providing the date of the latest version.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or personal data processing, as well as any other questions, please, contact us by writing to