We produce a wide range of books and are passionate about the products we make. This page with all the finishing solutions we offer will help you get ideas of how to make your book even more special.   


Head-and-tail bands

Hard or flexi binding can be with or without head-and-tail bands. Content block should be at least 6mm wide for it to be possible to place head-and-tail band.


Ribbon markers

For hard cover or flexi binding ribbons can match head-and-tail bands or be in a different colour. Most often one marker, but possible two or more.  



Please use lamination on all coated paper covers and jackets to protect the layer of paper coating from scratching and give your covers more durability. We always keep in stock gloss, matt, silk and soft-touch laminate. Anti-scratch laminate or laminates with structure can be ordered on demand.
Please keep in mind that colours of a laminated sheet will slightly differ from just a printed sheet, ask your contact for more information if neccessary.


Printing on silver laminate

Interesting colours and effects can be achieved when printing on silver laminate. Your contact person can advise you regarding file preperation, if neccessary. 


Foil stamping

Not only a variety of metallic, gold or silver foils, but also black, white and other colour foils available. Transparent foil sometimes can be used to achieve an embossed gloss UV spot effect.
Since not all foils can be used on all kinds of materials, please check with your contact person before finalising the design and colour of the foil stamping. 


Printing on foil

It is possible to print on top of the foil. Interesting results with book covers or jackets printed in CMYK on holographic foils. 


Embossing and Debossing

Debossing mostly for hard covers. Embossing for soft covers or jackets.


UV spot varnishing

Most popular is gloss UV spot varnishing on matt surfaces, but it is also possible to have matt UV spot varnish on a glossy surface.


Relief UV spot varnishing

Relief UV spot varnish is done using a different, thicker type of varnish, most effective on thin lines and fine objects.


Raised embossing imitation for hard covers

To achieve more distinguished relief of texts or objects on hard covers, please check with your contact person regarding the best ways to make your objects stand out.   


Spot glitter varnish

Since the colour of the glitter and the amount of it in the varnish can vary, please discribe it to us or send a sample and we will try to match it as closely as possible.



Stickers can be different shapes and sizes, printed or just embossed, removable or unremovable. If you are not sure, please let us know the purpose of the sticker, so we can help you choose the most appropriate kind of sticker for your book.


Barcode stickers

If your book cover is made using cloth or has other rough surface and you are not sure if the barcode will read well, barcode sticker is an easy solution to solve it.


Elastic rubber bands

For hard or flexi covers, can be ordered in different colours.


Coloured edges

Different colours, including gold and silver, can be applied on book block edges.


Horizontal and vertical banderols

Wide or narrow, printed or blank, with joined ends or attached like a jacket, these paper strips can be a good solution for adding extra information you don't want to include on the cover.


Coloured threads

Coloured threads are most visible on open spines. Sometimes also used on closed spines and more common binding types to match a specific part of the book, or if the book's design might be disturbed by standart white threads showing in the middle of the sections. Coloured threads have to be ordered in advance.


Silk screen printing

Also known as screen printing, it is mostly used on materials other than paper, such as cloth, leather imitation, greyboard or other unusual surfaces. Sometimes it can be used instead of foil stamping, especially if the design on a rough surface consist of very fine lines or objects, which can be a problem to achieve using foil stamping techinique. 



We can cut out shapes in your books, in soft or hard covers, in a content page or even through the whole book. If you wish to add this kind of feature to your book, you can always ask your contact person for advise of the most efficient way to do it.


Kiss-cut stickers

Kiss-cut stickers are often placed in the middle of sections, beginning or end of content pages.


Boxes and folders

Folders or boxes, using a thin cardboard or made out of thick board, in different shapes and sizes can be produced to assemble your books.


Index cutting and edge cutting

Not only index cutting as in telephone books, but also sides of specific content sections can be cut narrower than the rest of the book, to separate some parts from the others. 


American jacket

A specific type of jacket, where not only sides of the jacket are folded around the cover, but also top and bottom of the jacket sheet.


Pages with flaps

If you wish any of the content pages to be with flaps, please always check with your contact person, which pages would be best to have flaps on, since it very much depends on the book's technical specification and layout of the content pages.


Pockets and inserts

Sometimes it's necessary to add an extra leaflet or folded insert to the book. It can be done in different ways - in a white or printed pocket attached to the cover, with a removable glue-dot or maybe as a seperate part just schrinkwrapped together with the book. 



CDs or DVDs can be supplied by the client or ordered through us. Most often CD or DVD pockets are attached using glue strips or removable glue dots.


Foredge effect

To give your book a kind of an industrial look with spaced grooves on the front side of content pages, we can offer an edge milling process.