Situation at Livonia Print in Connection with COVID-19

Dear Customers,

Although Latvia has not been affected much by COVID–19 outbreak yet, we at Livonia Print do the utmost it does not become a threat to our activities and cooperation with our customers.

Here are the measures we have taken to ensure health and safety of our company and people as well as our mutual business:

  1. Management to follow up on new outbreaks of the virus in Latvia and world-wide as well as the latest recommendations from Ministry of Healthcare and Foreign Ministry in Latvia.
  2. From the 9th of March onwards we have stopped all planned business trips including our sales meeting.
  3. We have stopped receiving visitors from abroad.
  4. The HR department has worked out recommendations for the employees on how to take care of themselves and their family members.
  5. Additional cleaning and disinfection of all the premises are organised.
  6. The management has asked all the employees to cancel vacation trips by air outside Latvia. In case employees refuse and go on the planned trip, we insist on two weeks’ quarantine at home afterwards. For those who can work from home, we ensure full remuneration according to the law.
  7. If the government decides to close down schools and kindergardens, we will allow our office people to work from home. Production shift scheduling will be adjusted as much as possible to support our employees’ families.
  8. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to develop it can affect our suppliers and their ability to meet our needs. That is why our procurement team is well informed where our suppliers are and how they may be affected. Our purchasers have taken the following measures:
  • the most crucial materials in our production are identified
  • suppliers contacted with a need to increase stock levels of their raw materials;
  • for most of the standard items like paper, printing plates, isopropanol, CMYK inks, packaging materials and others we have organised a 1,5-2 months buffer stock either in-house or at the supplier;
  • second and third tier suppliers have been contacted regarding possible alternatives to current materials used in production;
  • transport companies instructed about best ways of handling deliveries to our customers‘ warehouses;
  • daily follow up of new coronavirus outbreaks and contact with suppliers about possible consequences and additional activities needed.
  • Despite all the steps taken it must be understood, that for several special consumables (pantone inks, coloured binding materials, varnish etc.) it is impossible to build up a buffer stock as there is no predictable demand and normally these items are ordered individually. Customers should consider that for some materials the supply chain might be interrupted and there will be need to look for closest possible alternatives.

Currently that is almost all we can do. We keep continue monitoring the situation closely. At the same time the entire scope of problems is not possible to recognize now. We feel safe about timely basic material supply for a month or two but will keep you updated, if suddenly there are signs of the situation getting worse. We kindly ask you to inform us about possible large volume orders well ahead of time.

Let us wash our hands, keep positive and smiling!

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