22.09. Update on Situation in Connection with COVID-19

Dear All,

At the beginning of summer there was a hope that we will not have to share update letters on COVID-19 again. Unfortunately the situation all over Europe and the World does not seem to be improving. Looking at the latest statistics and our Government’s regulations, we can travel safely and accept visitors from 4 countries – Finland, Lichtenstein , Cyprus and Vatican!

All the other European countries are in the red or yellow list which means that from those countries coming to Latvia one has to stay in self-isolation for 10 days.

Inside Latvia the situation is one of the best – just 4,4 cases per 100 000 in 14 days newly infected (better is just Vatican with 0 infected!)

Overall almost 300 000 tests have been done and only 0,5 % from them have been positive.

Nevertheless our government has issued regulations, which are quite strict, but obviously needed. As the new school year started on the 1st of September, each school has changed starting times and breaks not to allow children from different classes meet. The same refers to kindergartens. At the same time parents are requested not to let children attend educational establishments even, if a child has minor cold. We can see how this regulation works in practice – our employees who have lots of small kids have to stay home because a child has a running nose. The number of sick leaves for children during the last couple of weeks has increase by almost 10%. Currently we are managing to substitute the missing workers with their colleagues’ overtime hours and hope that the situation will not get worse. We are continuing the disinfection of machines and premises, asking our people not to gather in groups during breaks, but it is becoming more and more difficult – people are tired of distancing from each other.

The new COVID outburst is influencing also our relocation plans – as technicians for installation of new machines and relocation of the existing ones have to come from either Germany, Poland or Lithuania, they are not allowed to enter the country without self-isolation period or we have to guarrantee that they do not meet and contact anyone, which is practically  impossible.

We highly appreciate our cooperation during this year and together we have managed to overcome all the difficulties. We work hard to fulfill your orders in time and good quality.

This letter is not meant to make you worried about our capacities or order fulfillment, just an exchange of information and showing what we are concerned about, as we have over 600 employees here and each of them is closely connected with at least 10 more outside the company. 

Stay safe, and we do miss meeting you in person!

Livonia Print Team

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