11.05. Update on Situation in Connection with COVID-19

Dear Customers,

Another week has passed under COVID-19 emergency situation.

Currently Latvia looks as follows:

  • The COVID-19 tests done in the country – 40 604 per million inhabitants (77 147 in total)
  • COVID -19 positive 498 per million inhabitants (946 in total)
  • We have 18 reported death cases
  • From 28.04 till 11.05. the number of infected people varied from 0 to 19 a day.

Even with National holidays on the 1st and 4th of May we can see that the number of infected people has not grown much – our society has behaved well!

On the 7th of May our Government had another session devoted to further policy regarding COVID-19 emergency situation. After 10 hours long discussions it was decided that the country will stay in emergency till the 12th of June, but from the 13th of May steps will be taken to ease some restrictions imposed to control the spread of coronavirus. 

Borders between the Baltic States will be opened for citizens of these countries to travel freely. Our national airline Air Baltic is still closed with some flights to bring back our people from Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Baku. New regulations about flights will follow next week.

From the 13th of May it is allowed to gather in groups up to 25 but still keeping the 2 m distance. In public transport people have to wear face masks.

Kindergartens are open for 5-6 year old children.

Restaurants and bars can be open till 12 o’clock at night if the owners can ensure 2 m distance among the visitors.

Outdoor sports activities are allowed (no more than 25 people with 2 m distance).

As this is already the 9th week of emergency situation, people are tired of restrictions and have started behaving more carelessly – you can see that in shops, in streets and unfortunately also at Livonia Print. They are hungry for socializing, but for the company it can bring not the best consequences. We are revising emergency precautions with our employees to remind them the virus is not gone.

Next week we will get the first Heidelberg technician from Lithuania to finish the installation of our 2nd new printing press. For this visit new rules will be worked out to eliminate unnecessary meetings with employees. What we have learned from our doctors is: treat any person as being infected and it will help you to stay healthy.

Livonia Print Team

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